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boophis AdminVeteranSupport posted Feb 3, 17


As many of you have noticed, the ELO rating system has been fully implemented into Super Brawl Builder! Playing SBB will cause your ELO to increase (or decrease) to reflect your SBB expertise. As your ELO changes, you will be placed in different divisions. Those divisions are Wood, Stone, Coal, Redstone, Lapis, Iron, Gold, Emerald and Diamond.

Find out more about our Diamond Division Competition and if you want a higher rank to go with your shiny new division be sure to visit the for the different ranks available on sale now!  


boophis AdminVeteranSupport posted Jan 8, 17


The amazing SethBling was here and had a lot of fun live streaming some of Minecade's newest addition, Super Brawl Builder! If you missed the stream, be sure to stop by his twitch channel to follow or subscribe so you get notified of when he goes live again. For those of you who made it, we're so happy you were there and hope to see you on the servers again soon. 

If you want to help support this new game or any of the Minecade development you can do so by visiting the Minecade shop for a shiny new rank this new year. The mega holiday sale is on now meaning rank prices are as low as they have ever been! Thank you! 

CHEERS 2017!

boophis AdminVeteranSupport posted Jan 1, 17


2016 was a year with lots of changes and new things on the Minecade Network. Now we're looking forward to 2017! Thanks to you again for being a part of this community. Keep it going and keep it growing this new year, woo 2017!

The mega holiday sale continues so you can kick off the new year with new ranks at the lowest sale prices we've ever had available! Visit the Minecade shop for more information. Best wishes of prosperity and happiness for all! 


boophis AdminVeteranSupport posted Dec 24, 16


We are so happy to be celebrating another holiday season with our Minecadian family and so thankful to all of you for being a part of it. We look forward to seeing you on the servers playing, having fun, and enjoying your vacations in Minecade style. It's always amazing to see what our talented community is able to do whether it be your amazing PvP skill in SCB, teamwork and strategy of Farm Frenzy, Building in SMM or all of the above in our newest game SBB!

This community has been a gift for us. Hopefully you will be able to spread the joy this season by bringing on some new friends and grow our family. We also have our mega holiday sale promotion going on now so you can get those ranks at the lowest sale prices ever now. Visit the Minecade shop for more information. Always with our warmest wishes and thanks! 


Felipe Owner posted Dec 23, 16

We all love Super Minecraft Maker, not only because it is a fun game, but because it is the only game in Minecraft that inspires creativity in a medium where you can share your creations with the world where other players can instantly enjoy them! We are very proud of what this game has become and we have the amazing Minecade community to thank!

It is my honor to announce the first big update for Super Minecraft Maker! Update 1.1. I won't go into too much detail since I think it's worth it that you experience it for yourself! But here are a few of the things that have changed!

> Implemented a truly breathtaking new lobby by BlockWorks build team easter eggs included! 

> Added a parkour you can actually beat! 

> Added 2 additional lobby level slots!

> New level customization tools!

> New system to equip mobs and make them drop specific configurable items!

> Added new gimmicks for VIP players!

> Tons and tons of bug fixes and performance improvements!

Comment your thoughts HERE!

This is the first of many updates coming to Super Minecraft Maker we really hope you enjoy it! Make sure to also check out Super Brawl Builder, a game that allows players to build epic battle arenas and fight in them! I also want to take advantage of this news post to wish all Minecadias happy holidays and fun times for you and your families! 


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