Scheduled Downtime

Fluxty Owner posted Mar 6, 18

Update: All downtime has been completed! Due to DNS changes, some players may have trouble reaching the server for a few more hours.

Hello Minecadians!

Minecade will be experiencing some scheduled downtime today as we begin to prepare the network for massive performance improvements and bug fixes. This downtime is a necessary step in preventing future downtimes and making sure Minecade provides the best experience we can. Thanks!

Dear Minecade/Olimpo Community,

I am happy to inform you that I have made an exciting move forward and have teamed-up with

Good Gaming to manage the server operations.   

This decision was made because I have enjoyed interacting with all of you and love watching you experience a lot of fun. Because I wanted to create an environment that will continue to grow and take the server to new heights, I searched for someone who could help with that, and, Good Gaming was my choice to take over the control of the server daily operations. Their product has been very well received, they will invest in new game development, and they have committed to investing significant resources in Minecade and Olimpo.

Thank you very much for your support over the years. This will continue to be a great journey. Expect a lot of exciting news very soon!


Scheduled Downtime

boophis AdminVeteranV3teranSupport posted Dec 17, 17


Hello Minecadians! Just letting you know that may be experiencing some scheduled downtime. Please remember to save your SMM and SBB projects often. If the servers are down, they will be back shortly. Thank you as always for your patience!

While you wait, if you are not VIP+ already, visit for more info about the benefits of ranking up!  

SCB Update!

AdamQpzm VIPVeteran posted Jul 20, 17


Hi Minecadians! Yes, it's true! SCB has been updated, and the update is currently live on all servers! This update contains a variety of bug fixes, and there is more on the way!

Find out more about the update here, or jump right in and see for yourself!


boophis AdminVeteranV3teranSupport posted Jul 4, 17


Minecadians, celebrate your freedom to choose your favorite Minecade rank and buy it at the best price available! Ar lifetime ranks are now availble for 70% off! Enjoy tons of features throughout the server in games like Super Craft Brothers and Super Minecraft Maker as a premium user today!  

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