Battle Royale - Tournament & Updates

By AsyncNick AdminDEV - Posted May 27, 18

Hello Minecadians!

Today we have some very special news! Our Battle Royale Tournament will take place today (27th) at 1PM EST - 3PM EST.

If you play at least one game of Battle Royale, you'll received a limit-edition "Battle Tested" tag, which is only available to be viewed on the Good Gaming network, via /tags.

You can check out rewards, payment methods and more information from this link:

Also, in the news...

The Black Market Dealer

The Black Market Dealer sells Stolen Treasure Chest at a bargain around all Minecade Lobbies.

Rare Flowers

Rare flowers spawn around Minecade Lobbies and upon right-clicking, give the player a randomized amount of coins depending on the rarity of the flower!

Lucky Pig

Lucky Pigs have a 0.0001% chance of spawning per-player login, and if you're able to find a Lucky Pig, you'll win a free rank or equivalent!

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