Super MC Maker

Build, play, and share your own levels in Super Minecraft Maker - a game developed exclusively  by Minecade and Sethbling! In Super Minecraft Maker you can create and share your own levels, if you are a creative type, this is the game mode for you.

Farm Frenzy

Farm Frenzy is  primarily a pvp game released in October of 2015 centered around 8 man teams to a 32 person limit. Gather resources to upgrade your generators and buy useful equipment to protect your animals, protect yourself, travel to other islands, slaughter opponents' animals, and wipe out the enemy for good! If this sounds like your type of game mode then come on in, It's time to take up your pitchfork and show those farmers who's boss!

Super Craft Brothers

Fight against 3 opponents with over a dozen different characters to choose from and over a dozen custom made maps to battle in. Some call it the funnest game in Minecraft, but it's up to you to decide!


General information about Minecade players comunity. Here you will be able to check players ranks and top coins.