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Build Battle

Build Battle is a game where you compete against players to see who can build the most epic creation! Set your creativity wild and use the provided array of tools to create the silliest, the funniest or the most epic build anyone has laid eyes on!

Run From The Beast

Run from the beast until you reach the end of the map and unlock weapons and armor, then hunt down and kill the beast! Runners alive when the beast dies or the timer ends, win the game. Start runnning or chasing now!

Sky Wars

A free for all gamemode on terrifying heights. Find chests on the map to get items that aid you in your battle. Good luck in your battle!

Survival Games

A custom suite of Hunger Games hosted exclusively at Minecade! Battle against other player in twelve different custom arenas. Uncover ancient treasures to defeat your foes and discover easter eggs. Become a tribute today!

Super Craft Brothers

Fight against 3 opponents with over a dozen different characters to choose from and over a dozen custom made maps to battle in. Some call it the funnest game in Minecraft, but it's up to you to decide!

The Walls

You will start off in 1 of 4 sectors with a team, you have 15 minutes to build an awesome fort, once the timer ends, the walls are dropped and its an awesome team based battle. Are you good enough for The Walls? There's only one way to find out!

Villager Defense

A game where you must fight endless waves of evil monsters to protect the innocent humble villagers that peacefully roam their towns! Use epic kits and in-game shop to smash throught the never-ending wavers!


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