SPOOKY RANK- October Minecade Update

martinminecraft1 VIPSPOOKYVeteranV3teran posted Oct 7, 18

Hi everyone! We've got a few things planned for the network on October, as well as a new mini-rank for sale NOW! Check out our forum post about what's going on!

September Minecade Update

martinminecraft1 VIPSPOOKYVeteranV3teran posted Sep 15, 18

Hi everyone! Going forward we will hopefully be able to keep you more updated with regards to the ongoing development and future of the Minecade network. We apologise for not being able to talk to you as much as we would have liked, but we have been extremely busy working on multiple different networks- which will be worth it in the long run!


The most pressing issue on the network currently is obviously the issue with players being able to glitch out of their level and cause damage to the map. It was fixed earlier today, and now we are just waiting on it to be pushed to all of the servers- which should be soon!


There will be a number of small changes made to the website over the coming weeks, just to improve usability and quality of life. There will be more updates in the longer run as well, depending on staff and community feedback. More changes will be announced as they are completed.

SCB/The Future

We have many, many plans for the future of SCB and the rest of the network. The list of changes we would like to review and make to the network have been compiled into a document 10 pages long- and we will be trying our absolute hardest to approve these changes and send them out to you as soon as possible. At risk of sounding like a broken record though- we DO still need your patience and co-operation. There are many parts of the network that need work with limited amount of resources available, and although it may not look like we are doing anything important, rest assured important stuff is going on behind the scenes. We are just as dedicated and committed to pushing out future update to you guys- and we hope that you continue to trust in us and our vision for the network. Any specific updates will be announced separately when they are released.

Battle Royale - Tournament Winners!

AsyncNick AdminDEV posted May 27, 18

The Batle Royale Tournament took place on (27th) from 1PM EST to 2PM EST.

Here are the winners;

1st Proxying - Cash Prize ($150)
2d Kawfuu - Cash Prize ($100)
3d nuttyy3 - Cash Prize ($50)
4th weed4 - Coupon ($20)
5th machumaica44 - Coupon ($20)
6th Xwaffle - Coupon ($20)
7th Burritoos - Coupon ($20)
8th Mallow - Coupon ($20)
9th StaTiiC_Terra - Coupon ($20)
10th 15Ibans - Coupon ($20)

Thanks to everyone for a nice, clean tournament. We look forward to many, many more!

Battle Royale - Tournament & Updates

AsyncNick AdminDEV posted May 27, 18

Hello Minecadians!

Today we have some very special news! Our Battle Royale Tournament will take place today (27th) at 1PM EST - 3PM EST.

If you play at least one game of Battle Royale, you'll received a limit-edition "Battle Tested" tag, which is only available to be viewed on the Good Gaming network, via /tags.

You can check out rewards, payment methods and more information from this link:

Also, in the news...

The Black Market Dealer

The Black Market Dealer sells Stolen Treasure Chest at a bargain around all Minecade Lobbies.

Rare Flowers

Rare flowers spawn around Minecade Lobbies and upon right-clicking, give the player a randomized amount of coins depending on the rarity of the flower!

Lucky Pig

Lucky Pigs have a 0.0001% chance of spawning per-player login, and if you're able to find a Lucky Pig, you'll win a free rank or equivalent!

SMM Update & Bans Wipe

Fluxty Owner posted May 8, 18

Super Minecraft Maker

Hello Minecadians!

Today we have a small, but important update to Minecraft Maker. Here's the quick info:

  • Fixed a bug which caused chests, furnances, and other inventories to not retain items when creating levels. We can now use chests again!

  • Patched an issue which caused players using Optifine and similar mods to not be able to see entities/mobs without typing F3+A. Invisible mobs won't be a problem anymore!

  • Minecraft Maker is now fully updated to the latest version of Minecraft, and supports players joining from versions 1.8.8 - 1.12.2.

And on a slightly less exciting note, we've also updated a lot of internal code so that Maker may run more smoothly from now into the future. Now the real updates can start being made!

The Bans Wipe

Over the last few weeks, we have reworked the rules and significantly changed the way we issue punishments to rule breakers. We've also switched over our bans database to also include bans from Good Gaming. Because of these things, we've decided it would be best to give all banned players a fresh start. So we cleared nearly the entire Minecade bans database! I know, I know, we're crazy. Please don't freak out :P

If you were previously banned on Minecade, note that this is a one time event and we have no plans to ever do something like this again. Please take the rules seriously. Additionally, if you see something that isn't listed in the rules, that doesn't mean it's okay, or that you cannot receive a punishment for it. Our biggest rule is to use your common sense. If something feels wrong, don't do it!


Lastly, thank you so much to everyone who's been sticking with us, and for all the advice and suggestions I've been receiving these past weeks! I hope everyone continues enjoying the server more and more as we begin to push bigger and bigger updates :)

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