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SkyWars update!

Aku_ AdminDEV posted Sat at 2:05

Hey guys, huge update for SkyWars!

New maps

* 7 big maps (16 players)
* 4 small maps (8 players)


* There are achievements of all sorts
* Click on an unlocked achievement to set it as name tag!

New Kits

* Juggernaut: Place defences quickly
* Assassin: Become invisible for a short time
* Heavyweight: Reduced knockback
* Builder: Place pillars and bridges
* Looter: Extra chance for enchantments
* Scout: Become extremely fast, reduced health, increased capture speed
* Troll: Create traps of all sorts

Kit Leveling

* Kits now have levels, these determine the kit's strength
* Players with payed ranks get increased experience
* Everyone can get the highest ranking kit with enough time

- Balanced some kits
* Nerfed Blacksmith
* Nerfed Marksman


* Added top players in lobby
* Website should support name now
* Fixed bottles in chests not giving enchantments

Bug Fixes

* Hologram duplicate when you rejoin a game
* Random fixes here and there

I hope you guys will like it, a lot of time and effort went into this!

Xanamras SkyWars #5 - Brute!

glennE AdminLEGENDARYPROVeteran posted May 21, 15

Xanamra SkyWars Kits #3 !! Tank...

glennE AdminLEGENDARYPROVeteran posted May 16, 15
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